Tim Hawthorn

cyber bard, composer, performer and author


Get in touch!

I got rid of the contact form because all I ever got from it was spam. The best way to contact me is either broadband telepathy or astral travel using our recommended operator Avalonian Airwaves. If you want to buy a CD or book me / us for a gig or ask me searching questions about lunar cycles and nasal hair growth, you will have to prove you're not a robot and use your noggin.

I like text messages. It may be possible to gain my attention via social media (buttons at the top of the page), that's a good way to keep up to date with latest developments and announcements. I can take orders and bookings via email @ this website and I even have a mailbox with my name on it, believe it or not! I don't do phones if I can help it, so don't bother trying to ring me, but I can do video calls.

What me? Awkward?

CD Orders

I don't have any CDs in production currently. This is mostly due to lack of funds, but also more limited opportunities to sell them. I'm not great with mail-order either, so I'm looking for someone to help with that.

I also have mixed feelings about producing more bits of plastic to fill the world up with. For now music can be downloaded from Bandcamp

I am accepting pre-orders on recent titles such as The End of Words, Live in your Psyche and Just. When I have enough orders on each title I will order some copies.