Tim Hawthorn

cyber bard, composer, performer and author



tim @ up close 2013I am one of the Elder Bards of Glastonbury, despite not being very old. I play a mixture of UK Festival Psychedelia and British Folk either solo or with my band The Anarchetypes.

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I'm a 21st century bard - a digital artist who uses coding, graphics, music and anything else I can lay my hands on to tell stories and create beautiful and inspiring works of art. Although I am primarily a musician, I also write, make videos, artwork and design games.

I'm interested in helping others to develop their creative talents and co-creative storytelling and I'd love to able to give time, energy and resources for free to those who need it.

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I have lots of music available download via Bandcamp,
And a YouTube channel with a range of videos available.


Having broken my arm at the end of February, live performances will unfortunately be on hold until later in the year. I do have some great footage of some of last year's performances available while you're waiting.

liquid gold for the soul.


Recent releases:

Last year saw the release of Just, the first actual studio album by The Anarchetypes. Originally conceived as a collection of solo demos, drummer Dan Poole suggested overdubbing parts via the internet during the 2020 lockdown. This is the first album I’ve produced myself from concept to cover and I'm incredibly pleased with the results. Downloads are available from Bandcamp.

Space Tourist is the follow-up companion released in February. It's an album of cinematic instrumental pieces intended to be used as film music. It features some remixes of Just and several completely original ambient and orchestral pieces. The whole thing is loosely inspired by Tarkovsky’s cult 1979 sci-fi movie Stalker. Downloads also available from Bandcamp.

Check out my Music page to see all previous releases!

A rousing and life-affirming rattlebag of song! Stirring, searching, soulful and beautiful; sung and played with passion as well as artistry.